Energy Efficiency

Magna Windows can provide ‘A ’rated windows, doors and conservatories. Energy saving windows are formed from a combination of glass, frames and more. Having Energy saving windows can help minimise the need to use heating and lighting as well as contributing towards saving the environment.

Energy Saving Products

Different combinations of frame style, frame material, and glazing can yield very different results when trying to compare energy efficiency and cost. Magna Windows can provide the following which are vital components of forming an ‘A’ rated energy efficient UPVc window, door and conservatory.

What are energy ratings?

When considering the replacement of your windows and doors you can often be inundated with a whole host of information and instructions on how you can take the responsibility in choosing the most energy efficient solution for your home. The government have put in place a set of controls to help reduce the amount of energy that can be lost. The total amount of energy that can be lost through domestic dwellings can be up to 30%. Following the governments controls replacement windows are now energy rated to help keep down energy bills and reduce harmful emissions.

Over the years you may have encountered energy ratings on various domestic products such as refrigerators, washing machines, light bulbs and more. This ratings work along the same lines as those for your replacement windows.

Understanding how it all works

Window manufacturers have to supply the British Fenestration Rating Council with accurate drawings of the window sections along with details of type of glass sealed units used in the windows.

Computerised simulation tests are then carried out that will asses:

Based on these results all windows are then certified from an 'A' rating to a 'G'. An 'A' rating is the best energy saving performance window.

Why Choose Magna Windows

All of our Windows are manufactured to the highest specification this guarantees that the energy rating meets the required standards.

The BFRC confirm that Magna Energy Windows are 67% more efficient than conventional double glazed PVCu windows. Why not get in touch today to find out even more about our energy saving windows.

Find Out More About Energy Efficient Windows

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